We are reverse Logistics Specialists , from the customer returns to the liquidation of the excess stock – Hassle Free !

More businessess close down from lack of cash flow than being bad businessess, in addition to taking up precious backroom or shelf space, surplus stock ties up capital and can limit you from re-investing and growing your business and rather concentrating on your fast moving stock items , maximising profitability .

We achieve the best prices, free upliftment, no delays.

Why use us ?

  • We have 22 years in reverse logistics, customer returns and vast experience buying and selling surplus stock.
  • When you work with Excess Stock you minimise your risk of non payment and time wasting .
  • We assist manufacturing concerns with over runs and cancelled orders , importers who carry dead stock , multi nationals clearing for new seasons, and loss adjusters and insurance assessors disposing of salvage or damaged inventories .
  • As one of South Africas largest stock and warehouse liquidators, Excess Stock buys and sells a wide variety of merchandise .
  • If you have money tied up in inventory and prefer to use the cash to better use and work for you , contact us first. You get your money fast with no nonsense.
  • Our mission is to provide unsurpassed service to our customers
  • With over 20 years of industry experience, we still do business with many of our original clients. Contact us today and be amazed at our team effort to get you the best results
  • Some liquidation websites on the internet charge the seller 15% commission for posting closeouts on their auction website and then also charge the buyer an additional 15% to buy the posted merchandise. A total broker commission of 30%!!
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We never charge the seller or the buyer a commission!
  • We always maintain exceptional service and long-lasting relationships.
  • We are buyers and we pay our suppliers, we take ownership of the deal , we are not brokers!

We provide service to One Day Only, Takealot, Clicks, Pick’n’Pay, Catch-of-the-Day; Tafelberg , Makro, Loot in fact most major E-Commerce sites, multi-nationals rand independent retailers. 

We sell a wide variety of wholesale merchandise including auctioned close-outs, liquidations, overstock clearance, insurance salvage, customer returns and excess stock inventories from retailers, importers, and manufacturers.

Expect to save 50% – 90% wholesale

We buy and sell in the following categories:

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